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lot more needs to be done before they have definitive answers. but a new report is shedding light on the situation and some speculate it could lead to new rules for refineries. no doubt about it, it's been a painful year at the pump. as prices spike to near record levels. not just once but twice. ridiculous. who can pay that much for a gallon of gas? >> i want to know why the gas constantly goes up. >> lawmakers want answers too. senator mark leno held an informational hearing this morning trying to get to the bottom of it. >> if we do nothing, that which we've seen this year will only repeat itself in years to come and the spikes that we saw in october might look to be minor spikes compared to what we could have in the future. >> gasoline -- >> researchers robert mccullough shared the findings of his
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recent study into the situation. while the industry was impacted by the richmond refinery fire and other issues, his data suggests gasoline inventories grew during the price spikes. mccullough says refineries aren't making all the facts public of the shutdowns. >> the startup and stutdown data needs to be public. we need to know why that is. we know more about artichokes than oil. >> there is a ton of information and there have been dozens and dozens of investigations with that question in california and on the west coast. they've found that supply and demand dynamics are what determine the price of fuels. >> an industry spokesman says refineries are playing by the fluls a tightly balanced market. lawmakers say they've got a lot of questions that still need
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answers. >> there are more hearings scheduled for the coming weeks and coming months. one thing that was revealed today is that refineries are not required to report to the state when they have scheduled maintenance or unplanned shutdowns. the senator wants to change that. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thank you, jodi. >> the bankrupt solyndra has a new buyer. there's been a sale approved to sea gate technology for $90 million. drastically below the $300 million it cost to build the pa silt. the plans to use the building for research and development. solyndra received a half billion dollar loan from the government to create that building. how could it have happened? that's what parents are asking tonight after a registered sex offender was allowed on campus in the midst of hundreds of
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students? turns out, there's a loophole which police powerless to close. marianne favro is live in san jose. it's not sitting well with parents. >> reporter: no it really is not, jessica. the registered sex offender was volunteering here at this parish last month during a church festival. parents tell me there were hundreds of kids at that festival. when deputies questioned him, he produced a letter from the church that gave him authorization to be here at the school. tonight, both sheriff's deputies and the diocese are investigating that letter. >> the controversy centers over whether this man is a registered sex offender convicted of child molestation should have been volunteering in san jose at a pair irn. a parent alerted a sheriff's
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deputy working security that he was a sex offender. >> our deputy made contact with the man who was cooperative throughout the incident. made contact with mr. gear i. he did acknowledge that he was a sex registrant. our deputy confirmed it through dispatch. however, mr. gear i provided information that he had permission to be on school grounds by way of a letter from church officials that gave him permission to be there. >> surprisingly, there is a section that allows registered sex offenders to be on school property. >> there is a statute in the penal code where it says a registered sex offender can be on school grounds so long as they have written permission from the school official. >> investigators are trying to verify that letter. a spokeswoman with the diocese would not tell us who signed the letter which nbc has learned was typed and on church stationery. >> that letter was inconsistent with our policies today.
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>> but she does say the diocese is launching its own investigation. >> the policy is that volunteers should be fingerprinted if they are going to be on the cam pugs, parish or school where there are children present. >> she says that policy also says min who is a registered sex offender strictly prohibited from working with kids. some say the church didn't do enough. >> i'm appalled. >> why? >> because children, children. sex offender could be a child molester, could be a rapist, a place where children are? i could see give him a second chance but not where children are allowed. >> the diocese says the man is no longer a volunteer at the church. >> and the diocese tell me that it is strictly against its policy for any church leader to sign a letter that allows a volunteer who is a registered sex offender to work with children. it also says, it is now working
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to require that any volunteer who works with kids at the church not only get fingerprinted but also undergo a background check. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. jim harbaugh did not show up for work today. instead he checked in at stanford hospital complaining of an irregular heartbeat. they say he had a minor surgery. he is expected to rejoin the team tomorrow. he was feeling ill last night. assistant coach brad sealy is overseeing the team. they host the chicago bears next monday night at candlestick. >> the baby faced face of giants is now the national league's most valuable player. gerald posey, iii, also known as buster. let's bring in jim kozimor from the newsroom. small town guy with a huge
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award. >> absolutely right. small town guy made good. if we go back 12 months, raj and think about the giants. the biggest question was question was if catcher posey, after injuring in a wicked collision, but man what a season he had. after a season which posey led the national league in hit and winning a second world series crown, buster posey named the most valuable player. he posey became the first catcher in 70 years to -- 24 homes runs, 103 runs batted in. led in obs, on base plus slugging. he was over .400 after winning the award. he was eager to spread the congratulations around. >> i think it's an accomplishment that is shared with the whole giants organization and starts at the top with the great ownership, front office, putting great guys
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on the field and it's a great place to come and play ball every day. just very fortunate. it's a great environment. you know, i think we've seen over the past couple of years how passionate our fans are. i'm fortunate to play in san francisco and couldn't be more honored to have my name alongside the previous winners. i tons and tons of credit to our head trainer and the rest of the training staff and the doctors that put me back together and like i say again, i think this is an award that will be shared with everybody within the organization. >> lot of friend and family to support him as well. he finished with 27 of the 32 possible first place votes. ryan brawn finished second and andrew mccutchen was third in voting. not a bad year for bay area baseball. world series crown, the american league manager and today the national league most valuable player is buster posey. it's been quite a year in the
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bay area. >> it sure has. leesburg, georgia that's where buster was with the entire town behind him it looked like. now to the weather. rain as we've been telling you for days is in the forecast and yes, it's here for the weekend. jeff ranieri is here. you've been telling us for days to grab the umbrella. >> that's right. two different storm systems the next 72 hours. we're starting to see rainfall develop off shore. nothing too heavy at the moment. about 100 and 200 miles in the pacific, we're getting a first batch of showers coming our way. you can see doppler radar skaps around, it's very light. quarter inch per hour with some of the cells. they may make it bo the north bays through the night. we're holding off on heavier rainfall until friday. a second storm as we head into sunday's forecast. overall totals range a quarter to an inch. winds 15 to 30 miles per hour. even the potential of isolated thunderstorms. while we've started off to a
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strong start to the water season, we could use every drop we can get. santa rosa the best at 52% of normal. and also san jose doing the worst at 29% of normal. while it seems active, we need that rainfall and this is going to mean great news for the water season. more coming up. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. new at 6:00, the family of the berkeley man killed outside of his home by a mentally disturbed man filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. at issue for the family of the man, response by the berkeley police department, this happened back in february. sue core called 9-1-1 to request help when a man acted strangely outside of his home and was assured an officer was on the way. no one was dispatched until his wife made a second call after her husband was attacked. the family accuses the city of gross negligence. one worker is dead tonight after a forklift fell on top of him. happened at a business in east oakland called super link
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plastics. according to cal osha, two men were trying to service a forklift when it came down on one man. cal osha is currently investigating the accident. a well-known comedian arrested in oakland. a daring heist on the east coast and how it's connected to cupertino. how well does this work? we give the tesla model s, a long-term test drive. and could the mona lisa be coming to the bay arearea. a new partnership that should have art lovers thrilled.
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think of all the people you know, one out of every three of them is either unemployed or underemployed. meaning they're in a job they're overqualified to do. that's the headline from the new
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study focus odd n the san jose labor market. damon trujillo is live in downtown. the study highlights two economies in the same city. >> reporter: absolutely, jessica. to my left are the e-bays and the high tech companies. their offices are full of people making a healthy salary. on my right in this part of town are all the unemployment centers. their offices are also full of people, only they're looking to make end meet. preliminarily, the route to future -- the route to unemployment and underemployment is twice, maybe three times the national average. >> if i'm going to be checking your references, here's some of the things that i might be asking. >> this class is geared at preparing people for the next job interview. karen heaton hopes it comes soon. >> it's been very frustrating and i've been trying to keep a lid on being scared because then it makes me paralyzed.
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>> karen has been unemployed for about four years. natalie is in the same class. she's been what's called underemployed for about the same amount of time. >> sometimes it's very unsteady work. so right now i'm very much multitasking by not working for one employer. i've kind of network and find other sources of income. >> underemployed would define in the way that you have a job, either it's part-time or you're carrying multiple jobs. >> haven't worked full-time in two years. >> she's not alone. preliminary research by the work to future program shows the unemployment rate coupled with the underemployment rate in san jose can be as low as 25% and as high as 38%. people struggling to make ends meet. >> i'm ready to do anything. i want an income. >> the crisis facing this demographic is perhaps be illustrated by last week's overnight lines at the sacred
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heart community services, all to sign up for free holiday food boxes. >> what skill does that story show? >> work to future will keep helping people find that elusive full-time job. the work to future program hopes to release full findings and a strategy to try to fix this problem within the next couple of weeks. live in down ton san jose, damien trujillo, bay area news. there's a big debate over the tiny apartments. the san francisco board of supervisors wants to cap the number of tiny units at 375. that's supported by tenant rights groups who worry about developers eyeing the potential profits will want to build more of these smaller, cheaper units instead of what they say badly needed family housing. others say the smaller units are perfect for the younger hard working tech employees ho spend most of their time at jobs or around town. san francisco and the sisters city paris have had a friendly cultural exchange.
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now they'll be swapping art. the directors signed an agreement with the louvre in paris. they're pledging to exchange art over the next five years. there's a new exhibit of treasures from the louvre including items once owned by louie the xiv and marie antoinette. >> we'll be sending art to the louvre. that's just as significant. because i want to see a sign at the louvre, this is from the fine arts museums of san francisco. >> the collection of royal treasures from the louvre opens saturday and runs through the end of march. it's new years a day for seafood lovers. your dung unus crab is ready. boats were already turning up at the docks of fishermen's wharf filled with fresh crab. last year at this time, you might recall the same boats were just sitting on the docks as fishermen refused to crab over a price dispute. today, seafood market were
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relieved to see the arrival of the first catch in time for thanksgiving. >> it's one of the biggest days of the year for us. it's like christmas day when you're a kid. this is what we wait for all year, the fresh local crab in. we're excited. >> a lot of people are excited. processors agree to pay $3 a pound this year. that's 75 cents more than last year. that will, of course, impact higher prices for consumers. >> i'm having visions of warm drawn butter. >> we had an agreement that jeff was bringing in the crab. >> he was too busy grabbing his water boots. >> little? i have size 12 feet. i think i was forced in that agreement if you saw that last night. maybe i can bring it in by friday. we'll see about that. let's look at the doppler radar. dry conditions from the north bay to the south bay. we're tracking a small batch of showers. not any kind of heavy rainfall.
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if we see some of in live up tonight in the north bay, it's not expected to be heavy rain. we'll hold off on the heavier rain until tomorrow's forecast. while it was colder here, 69 in santa rosa today. 69 in liver more. temperatures starting to drop a little bit closer to where we should be this time of year. also, plenty of 60s in southern california with our storm system off shore. all numbers are continuing to drop across the bay area. 61 in san mateo and 62 in oakland. the south bay and a lot of 50s when you zoom in closer. campbell, cupertino in the mid 50s tonight. you definitely need that jacket. let's go outside to the live hd sky cam, it's san jose. we have clear skies at the lower levels, but we have cloud that are rolling in at the higher levels. it's a sign of, well, these changes coming our way. that looks like an airplane at the top of the screen. i was thinking a ufo. not quite, jeff.
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we have fog-free conditions but of course the high-level cloud cover is also increasing here. let's get a look at the latest storm system with some heavy rain for southern california. for us, the core of our rain is out here. we're 12 hours away from getting accumulating rainfall in the bay area. as we've talked about, it's not just one storm. but a second storm system heading into sunday. a quarter to an inch with the first storm friday and saturday. may even get thunderstorm activity in this that could produce a little bit of flooding concerns across the santa cruz mountains. heading into tomorrow morning, looks like some of the heaviest rainfall could be in the bay, spotty showers for the peninsula and south bay. throughout the evening hours, still mainly all about the north bay. we may not get in on the widespread consistent rainfall until the evening hours on friday and continuing right on into your saturday morning. if you have any plans on saturday morning, the computer
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models are picking up on pockets of heavier rainfall that you want to be mindful of. 60s throughout the forecast. cloud cover increasing. we'll keep the forecast on -- the second storm system on monday with more chances of rain and also isolated thunderstorms. we have a lot of pictures sent in to us. real quick, this one from brent in cal stowing a. these are alta cumulus clouds. the facebook and twitter was blowing up with pictures of this. it's gorgeous, you guys, isn't it? >> gorgeous. >> artistic. >> i didn't make it. >> thank you, jeff. >> sure. >> we're just a week away from thanksgiving and food banks all around the area are short on turkey donations. second harvest food bank has a target of 12,000 birds to distribu distribute. right now they're only halfway there. >> we need about 5500 more turkeys before thanksgiving of
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the after that, we immediate to raise the $12.4 million. we're dealing with unprecedented needs in our community. >> second harvest is also looking to raise 2 million pounds of nonperishable food for the coming year. donations can be dropped off at the san jose center. it might have been the worst restaurant review of all-time. now, the rebuttal. bay area celebrity chef guy fear i fires back in an exclusive interview. it's sold just about everywhere, but the investigation is ongoing into a popular energy drink. no high marks. the new fitness report for schoolchildren.
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how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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protesters upset with tuition increases block the regents meeting today. students played music and stood in traffic at 16th street near the ucsf mission bay campus. the regents asked the state for
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$276 million so that it won't have to raise tuition next year. governor brown says that's unrealistic even with prop 30, which raised taxes to prevent deeper education cuts. students say it's time for an end to cuts and hikes. a spokesperson for the regents say prop 30 fund will help stabilize the system but they still lost $900 million in state funding over the last four years. more education news for you now. bay area nonprofit that helps low income students get into college is planning a major expansion in san francisco. college track will double the number of high school students they serve in the city's bayview district. the ceo of college track sat down me this week and we talked about the hurdles that students face when they want to go to college. >> the reality, is i'm the first in my family to go to college had. that isn't the expectation you have in a minority family, that you're going to go to college. it's not usually what your
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parents think and not for yourself. >> what we found is there's an idea that students and families want to go to college. but they don't necessarily know how to get there. >> now, you can hear much more about college track this sunday on class action here at 9:30. new fitness tests show the majority of california school-age kids aren't physically fit. bottom line, kids were tested for body strength, composition and flexibility and fewer than a third of those tested were shown to be in good physical shape. study also showed that nearly 30% of children tested having high health risk due to high body fat. the good news? the percentage of unfit kid was about the same as last year. just ahead, it's no laughing matter. why oakland police arrested a well-known comedian. plus a daring heist that seized more than a million dollars worth of apple products. i'm jamel wang, world leaders -- retired general david
6:27 pm
petraeus making his first comments about the affair that forced him to step down as cia director. world tonight is next.
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on the brink of war. there's a potentially catastrophic situation unfolding tonight in the middle east. >> nbc janelle wang has the latest in our world tonight. >> raj and jessica, the bloodbath continues in the middle east as both israel and hamas launch more aggressive attacks. pal sinnian militants fired off a series of rockets from gaza avenging the death of a top military commander yesterday. the israeli military intercepted many but one reportedly hit an apartment building. another rocket reached just outside of tel aviv causing resident to run for cover. today, israel launched more pinpoint air strikes targeting military installations in gaza.
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over a dozen palestinians killed in recent days. israel is moving in ground troops. >> no government would tolerate a situation where it nearly a fifth of its people live o under a constant barrage of rocket fire. israel will not tolerate this situation. >> tomorrow egypt's prime minister expected to make an unprecedented visit to gaza to try and bring calm. china, france, russia and australia all spoke out today urging both sides to show restraint. a congressional hearing on the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi began today. republicans fired up over how the obama administration handled the tragedy by first reporting it was sparked by anti-american protests. former cia director david petraeus will testify behind closed doors. he went to benghazi to a investigate and both parties are hopeful he can clear up who knew what and when. meanwhile, petraeus made a first
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public remark since resigning last friday. he told a tv reporter he did not share any classified documents with paula broadwell. but officials found classified information on her home computer. classified, but not highly classifi classified. the fbi is investigating how she got them and if there's any wrongdoing. guilty and ordered to pay more than two years after the worst oil spill in u.s. history. the largest criminal settlement in history announced today. bp pleaded guilty to 14 felony counts, including misconduct and neglect and is fined $4.5 billion. the fiery explosion of the deep water horizon in the gulf of mexico killed 11 crew members and caused crude oil to gush out of the well for months. shutting down commercial fishing and decimating the environment. today, two bp supervisors working that rig were charged manslaughter for the 11 deaths. jessica? >> thank you, janelle. the commander in chief visited
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new york city specifically also the borough of staten island and saw the devastation left behind by superstorm sandy. he thanked volunteers who have handed out millions of meals. 400,000 people asked for emergency aid from fema. some schools are finally reopened while dozens of others remain closed. new at 6:00, a major heist at jfk international airport overnight where $1.5 million worth of apple products were stolen. some 3600 ipad minis stolen. investigators say they think it may be an inside job. the thieves arrived around the airport around 11:0 last night. they used airport forklifts to unload them into a truck. they left three pallets at the scene after being questioned by a worker. last night's robbery is reminiscent of another crime. it was the site of the heist documented in the film goodfellas. it's super fast and green.
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the new tesla named the car of the year a few days ago. our business and tech reporter scott budman got a chance to kick the tires and take one for a spin. tesla gave him the keys just for the day. >> it's quiet, but it's still making a lot of noise. the all electric tesla model s. now for sale lifting spirits, lifting tesla's stock price and recently named motor trend's car of the year. after talking about the model s for some time, we got a chance to spend the day with one, driving along bay area roads and letting the sunshine in. by the way, the gigantic screen that largely serves as the car's dashboard is a not seen before use of tech molg in a car. for us adults, it takes a little getting used to. for our kids, being raised in a touch screen world, it will eventually be perfectly natural. with the model s, tesla answers
6:34 pm
the question, can a luxury performance car run without gas? as motor trend said, this car is as fast as anything in its class and trust me, it's also extremely comfortable, easy to drive, very smooth and sometimes eerily quiet. being electric, it does some things gas cars just can't do besides avoid gas stations. >> acceleration for example. whereas a typical gas car will gradually build up to full power, the electric motor is ready at any time so you hit full power right a away. >> as they make and sell more of them, the model s like the roadster that preceded it is still pricey. it starts at about $50,000 after federal tax rebate. the version we drove, which will go 300 miles between charges costs close to 100 grand. so tesla has done it. the model s is a brilliant
6:35 pm
luxury and performance car, and maybe as more of them are made and sold, more of us will be able to afford one. in palo alto, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott has never looked cooler. he had fun with that tesla. >> a passenger airship is grounded for good. the airship ventures which operates the zeppelin ur yeek a will cease operations. it was a common sight over the area. it had several sponsors over the last few years, including farmers insurance. the company wasn't able to generate enough sponsors to keep flying. more trouble for cat williams. the 41-year-old was arrested yesterday on suspicion of assault after allegedly hitting a man in the head with a bottle outside of an oakland hotel. the victim was treated at the hospital. officers found williams a few blocks away and arrested him. he was released pending further investigation. now, earlier this month,
6:36 pm
williams had a confrontation with a heckler and was sued by a former assistant who says williams punched her. williams is scheduled to perform at the oakland arena tomorrow night. antioch police are investigating a shooting that left a 32-year-old man dead. they found what was first thought to be a bomb next to the body. officers were called in to determine it was not an explosive. the shooting was reported around 9:00 last night. anyone with information is asked to call antioch police. a bicyclist was sent to the hospital. serena borrows was arrested for dui and it's not the first timement she's been arrested at least three different times for dui and driving with a suspended license. the chase started this morning when the woman tried to drive through a closed on ramp near the bay bridge. she was chased into the city where she hit a parked car which rolled into a cyclist. thankfully that cyclist is okay.
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the food isn't that bad. guy fieri fires back and says there was a hidden agenda. learn what the national guard said about complaints of abuse and racism. our full investigation is just ahead. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. we're tracking two storms developing in the pacific. the winds gusting up to 31 miles per hour in los gatos. hoping to drop temperatures 20 degrees from 71 this morning. not only rain but a winter weather advisory. we'll detail when that arrives and how much snow we could get in just a few minutes.
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sdpliefrmt the fda is investigating possible links between the popular 5-hour energy drink and more than a dozen deaths. the inquiry spans four years and includes 33 hospitalizations and 13 deaths. there's no evidence that the caffeinated drinks cause any of the deaths or injuries, but the investigation ongoing. the company says it's taking the reports very seriously. just last month the fda announced it was investigating five deaths related to monster energy. nearly half of americans are protected from second half smoke kmard with 3% back in the year 2000. 30 of the country's largest city are now smoke-free. san skroes was the only one with a smoke-free law back in the year 2000 of the the laws prohibit smoking in all indoor areas of private workplaces, restaurants and bars. if the trend continues, all americans could o be protected if secondhand smoke by the year 2020. he is fired up. bay area celebrity chef guy fieri was responding to that
6:41 pm
scathing review in "the new york times." not only did the times reviewer not like his new times square restaurant, he slammed it with a series of sarcastic questions invoking distasteful phrases such as nuclear waste, radiator fluid and formaldehyde. fieri responded in a today show exclusive. >> it's impossible to have a dining experience and have every single thing wrong unless you come in with a different agenda and you want to sensational eyes something and blow it out of the water. great way to make a name for yourself. go after a chef not a new yorker, doing a concept in a second month. >> there you go. it's the new york reviewers. fieri is from santa rosa and owns several bay area restaurants. he says he's worked hard on this times square location and vows it will get betterment. >> the only way to figure it out is to go to new york and eat there. jeff is going to take us. >> i'm taking you guys all over the place. yes. i'll take you both when i get that raise coming up.
6:42 pm
let get a look out here at san jose. you can see clear skies right now for parts of the south bay. we'll talk about that rain and two different storms and when it arrives in just a few minutes.
6:43 pm
always ready, always there. it's their motto. the california national guard has a long history of helping people in tough times.
6:44 pm
>> tonight in a joint investigation by nbc bay area and knbc in los angeles, some say racism and sexual assaults go unchecked. >> we're joined about the o eye opening report in our backyard. i believe the whistle blowers reached out to the investigative unit. >> exactly. they're clearly frustrated with a lack of action behind the gates of the guard. during the past five months, nearly two dozen guard members coming forward to expose what they say is the truth. >> i just want it to stop. >> she's a master sergeant serving in the guard for a dozen years. >> i don't understand. i had faith in this organization. >> and she's a staff sergeant serving the military for two decades. >> they are part of the 23,000 men and women serving the
6:45 pm
california guard. a vital reserve military force serving our country in critical times of need. >> sitting in that chair is against everything you've ever learned in the military. true? >> true. >> this woman's story started with a simple opening of a dollar billment. >> one day i was cleaning out the box and i found nicely folded a dollar bill. i opened it up and it had -- on it. >> in october of 2010, she's collecting money from the cash box of her informal office snack bar. >> i opened it up. i saw what was on it. i asked questions about it. how dare they do this and then one of myl(b>q#icers in my offi he came and took the dollar bill out of my hand and changed the n to a b. to escalate the issue, to calm me down. >> the staff certificate gent
6:46 pm
sent this e-mail to everybody in the hofs office. i am requesting that such feelings be kept to yourself. five days later, another dollar bill. >> i opened the bill and i discovered this one. folded in the same way that this one was and it has on it. >> the guard investigated the incidents. disciplined one member. but for staff sergeant the results failed to change the culture. >> i'm angry because they don't see my point of view. i'm angry because they don't think it's significant enough to make changes in the organization. and i just can't accept that. >> i don't know what else to do. >> jessica brown also can't accept the way her leaders at the 129th rescue wing handled an attack she says happened to her in las vegas. she says it started after a member of the california guard walked her back to her hotel
6:47 pm
room. >> he pushed me down on my bed. >> she says it happened during a training mission back in 2007. >> all the while, i was telling him to stop, don't do it. i'm married. >> master sergeant brown immediately reported the sexual assault to her direct supervisor. now five years later -- >> i have no faith in the guard. none. >> she believes the national guard failed to properly investigate her sexual assault. >> is this exposing the dysfunction inside the guard? >> yes. >> brown says following the incident in las vegas, she returned to duty where she says she experienced sexual harassment and inappropriate touching. she says it continued for years. >> multiple things over and over again. >> can did you decide to get involved here? >> because i'm a commander. >> frustrated with the guard's lack of response to jessica brown's reports, lieutenant colonel david emery sent a series of memos to general david
6:48 pm
baldwin, the commanding officer of the california guard. >> do you have any reason to doubt her statements? >> absolutely not. she's one of the finest ncos i've ever seen. >> in his memos earlier this year, the lieutenant colonel wrote, no reported action has been taken against min in the chain of command regarding the numerous leadership and wing man failures. another memo included, i was the first command ir to display any interest in her situation. >> for getting involved, were you retaliated against? >> absolutely. >> how many, show of hand now, believe you've been retaliated against for trying do the right thing? >> i have. >> several times. >> all nine of you? >> absolutely. >> our investigation included meetings and interviews with more than a dozen members of the guard. they say they've witnessed sexual harassment, racism, retaliation. >> is that part of the culture of the marred in. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> what is the current reputation of the california national guard. >> it's not a good one.
6:49 pm
it's not a good reputation. it's not. >> chief warrant officer ronald petty is a decorated member of the oklahoma marred. last year he was one of two independent investigators sent to california to investigate problems. >> reading from your report, sexual harassment and hostile work environment is commonplace in the california national guard. >> that's what we got from everybody we talked to: it was commonplace. >> we obtained a copy of the report after interviewing 14 members of the california guard. the mediation process is seriously flawed. racial tension high since 2008. the n word and f word are used daily and often and fame you are to investigate complaints is common. >> chief, in your decades of experience, have you ever seen anything like you found in california? >> no. >> i never found that many people who weren't getting
6:50 pm
resolution. >> i have a mandate from the governor to change the culture of the unit -- >> he's the man in charge of california's national guard. how does major general baldwin respond to accusations from members of his guard exposing a culture of sexual harassment, racism and retaliation. we don't know. he's deflected, delayed and on tuesday finally declined our request for an interview. >> they'd like to keep this a dirty little secret. they'd like to keep it in the closet with the other skeletons. people are getting fed up. it's time for change. >> the california national guard said it can't comment on the report co-authored by chief petty because it has not yet received that report. although for7z/@now, major gene baldwin declined our interview request, it's important to know we do intend to ask the tough questions to general baldwin in a public place in the weeks
6:51 pm
ahead. members of his guard clearly want answers and perhaps most important, resolution. coming up tonight at 11:00, why this helicopter flight caught on tape going under the golden gate bridge takes us deeper into what is called a dysfunctional culture. that's coming up tonight at 11:00 as we take you behind the gates of the guard. a telling helicopter mission. jess? >> thank you very much. look noord to seeing that tonight. if you have a tip for investigator unit. 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. let's bring in our chief meteorologist,ranieri. he's got a tip for what, umbrella? >> yes, bring the umbrella. two storm systems coming our way. plenty of rainfall and snow across the sierra. it's starting to get going. no heavy rainfall picked up on the radar. showers ahead of the storm system. in the north bay, light rainfall off shore. may get a little bit of shower activity across the coastline
6:52 pm
over the next half hour. points to the south near points reyes. other than that, not too much expected over the next two hours at this point. also, up across the sierra, we are looking at a little bit of activity here. some rain/snow mix. we're going to hold off on the heaviest snowfall throughout friday and also saturday. that's when totals look to be anywhere from 4 to 8 inches at 7,000 feet. also winds at about 40 miles per hour. let take you outside of that live hd sky camera network tonight. looking towards the bay bridge, we have the winds gusting at about 15 to 30 miles per hour out ahead of our storm system. we are looking for the wind to continue to increase here as we head throughout our friday forecast. let's get you into the weather maps. the first system on friday sitting out here and it's going to move in from the south. an odd and unusual pattern for that storm. we have more of a typical storm set up for sunday. little bit more of a colder storm system expected with that one. nonetheless, niece are going to come quickly on the heels of each other. we get the one moving in friday
6:53 pm
and of course, this one on sunday and with both of those pushing in so close together, we could actually have a little bit of flooding concerns up across the higher elevations of the coastline. overall, periods of rain for friday. throughout saturday, that hooks like we could have a few thunderstorms fire off that may produce a little bit of hail. as far as your timing goes, we'll start off with scattered rain in the north bay tomorrow morning and 11:00 a.m., the zone of more of that concentrated rain in the north bay. we may have to wait longer for the east and the south bay to get in on widespread rainfall until the evening hours. 7:00 p.m. on friday, it will start to ramp up and we'll see the chance of rain continuing into saturday morning. we may actually even have little bit of thunderstorm activity firing off as we've been mentioning. overall, with that first round, a half inch to inch of rainfall. winds, 15 to 30 miles per hour. for the second storm on sunday, another quarter to half inch expected for the lower elevations. here's the caveat.
6:54 pm
for the coastal elevations and also for the north bay, we could see 1 to 3 inches of rain. that's where our flooding concerns are the highest. as far as the sierra goes, 4 to 8 inches possible with a higher snow level with the storm system at 6,000 feet. overall, highs expected in the low 60s into the north bay. 60 in san francisco and the east bay, also at 63 in liver more. 62 in san jose. three-day forecast, temperatures staying in the 60s the next couple of days. rain returning tomorrow as we head into the morning hours right through the evening. chance of thunderstorms on saturday. then another storm system on sunday with more thunderstorms staying in the mix. really, the next three days will be staying active across the area. throughout monday, we get sunshine coming on back and for wednesday, we get a few showers with another storm system. so it's going to be quite active the next seven days. we can use this rainfall even though it seems like we've been so active with a lot of rain.
6:55 pm
we're only about 50% of average for the rainfall season. >> thank you, jeff. >> you're welcome. with thanksgiving approaching, bay area ski suppliers have something to be thankful for and that is snow. specialty sporting goods stores say falling snow is bringing an avalanche of business. ski shops took a hit because of the lack of snow. this year, mother nature is keeping them busy. >> we do all kinds of early bird specials, coupons that sort of thing. get your skis tuned now, get your rentals now. get set up so that we're not overrun when it finally snows. every year it happens. as soon as the weather report says it's going to snow, they come out of the woodwork. last year's early snow carried through a dismal december and january. they're hoping snow continues throughout the entire winter. we're back in a moment.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
tonight at 11:o 0. military strikes go viral. israel is live tweeting its latest offensive. at least one tweet gets a response from hamas. details tonight after rock center with brian williams. that does it for us. we'll see you at 6:00.
6:59 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra" -- kim kardashian's mom kris, on the brink of divorce? the giant clue today. the brink of divorce? the giant clue today.

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